CORONA hygiene plan day ski & snowboard courses LAVIDA snow sports school season 2021/2022

As of 08/28/2021

1. Principle

Skiing and snowboarding helps with mental and physical everyday activities, strengthens the immune system and increases your own energy level.

Physical activity in nature plays the decisive role here, as being in the fresh air is added to physical and mental exercise and has a positive effect on people.

Sport and exercise in the wintry nature make it easier to keep distance rules and reduce the risk of infection.

2. Objective

The LAVIDA snow sports school, together with its winter tourism partners (restaurants, bus companies, lift operators), would like to ensure that snow sports activities are possible in times of the Covod 19 pandemic.

It is our goal to avoid infections as part of our snow sports courses through prudence, caution and clear guidelines. If an infection has occurred or has been detected in our environment, we will identify all contact persons in the shortest possible time so that they are informed accordingly. As with Lavida Fitness and Lavida Swimming School, we strive for close cooperation with our health authorities.

3. Corona LAVIDA money-back guarantee

The LAVIDA promise for the winter season 2021/2022:

If the booked snow sports course cannot take place due to official requirements, we will immediately reimburse the course fees in full!

4. COURSE-ON-INVOICE guarantee

Booked courses are due for payment 5 days before the start of the course, regardless of the time of booking. You will receive an email with the corresponding payment options.

5. Pick up at our stops

During the waiting time at our stops, the general distance rules of at least 1.5 m apply.The greeting after the bus arrives takes place without the usual handshake, i.e. contactless. The parents help the children get on the bus.

6. Bus transfer and personal travel

For winter 21/22, the LAVIDA snow sports school offers the following options for transport to the respective ski area:

Transport with the comfort coach via the LAVIDA bus stop system

The current official requirements for public travel apply.

Transport with the V.I.P-9-seater via the LAVIDA Individual & Special offer

The current official requirements for public travel apply.

Course participants travel to the ski area on their own

When arriving in the ski area and when contacting our course management, the general distance rules must be observed.

7. Arrival in the ski area - course allocation

After our buses arrive in the ski area, the courses are taken one by one and separately from the buses by our teachers. All students have already received their lift tickets on the bus as required. To avoid large accumulations, a course is only picked up after the previous course has left the collection area. Only 1 course will be picked up per bus at the same time!

8. Course operation

We guarantee a maximum course size of 8 participants in winter 21/22!

All forms of organization in the classroom are chosen in such a way that the applicable distance rules of at least 1.5 m are observed. This also applies to the respective viewpoints of the course groups on the edge of the piste.

We guarantee that the distance rules are observed when queuing at conveyor belts and lifts!

9. Lunch

For winter 21/22 we offer the following options for lunch breaks:

Lunch in the hut

In cooperation with our local restaurateurs, we offer a separate and reserved area for our students, which is regularly ventilated after the group change. The meal is pre-ordered and can be reserved and paid for when booking. Our restaurateurs guarantee a sufficient number of toilets and disinfection options.

We reserve the right to move the lunch break to our heated buses or specially constructed pavilions if we cannot reliably adhere to the 3G rule and the current requirements for catering companies!

Lunch in the heated bus

Give your child a snack in their backpack for the lunch break.

10. Final race

We continue to hold our final race on the last day of the course. The award ceremony takes place exclusively within the group under special consideration of the distance rules on the slopes or parking lot.

Parents arriving will also be advised of the distance rules during the race and the award ceremony.

11. Return of courses to the buses

A simultaneous arrival of the courses before departure is to be avoided! That is why we use radio equipment to organize the courses to arrive at the bus parking lot one after the other. Each bus is located there is only 1 course at the parking lot!

A hand disinfectant dispenser is provided at the bus entrance.

12. Lending

All of our rental equipment is thoroughly disinfected before it is distributed. During the course we give the rental equipment home, where it can be treated with the usual disinfectants.

13. Corona warning app

We recommend that our students use the German government's Corona app and take their smartphone with them during the course.

14. Customer rule

By registering for the course, the customer confirms his current, Covid-19-free state of health for the 1st and subsequent days of the course. Covid-19 infected people or people with symptoms associated with Covid-19 cannot participate in the course.

Whether the 3G rule applies to children from the age of 6 at the time of the course or whether it is lifted during the school holidays, for example, cannot yet be reliably answered at the current status of 08/28/2021.

We will immediately incorporate any change in this regard into our hygiene concept.